la Grèce j’aime! (metaphorically translated as, “What we Love about Greece!”) was born out of defiance; our defiance to accept that Greece has stopped creating and inspiring the world.

la Grèce j’aime! is the home of all creative aspects of our country. It brings the most visionary people of Greece into just one place. Greek designers, fashion brands, photographers, young talents, artists, fashion bloggers, musicians; all fit and mingle together in la Grèce j’aime!

la Grèce j’aime! is all about unity between allies “fighting” on different terrains towards the same objective; to make it happen against all odds. Our goal is to promote their work, let the world know about it and make their voices heard and their creations seen so as to redefine your view on where Greece stands internationally.

Under its roof you are going to see the most influential Greek fashion bloggers wearing outfits exclusively made by Greek brands. Fashion designers and artists talking about their inspiration. You, sharing through instagram everything you love about Greece using the hashtag #lagrecejaime. We’re working on an online shop, where young talents will be able to exhibit and sell their creations.

la Grèce j’aime! is a dream that has finally come true and it is soon going to be the meeting point of all those interested in learning more about what’s being created in Greece.

Enjoy your stay with us.