greek fashion blanc hatsI always thought of hats as a peacock’s colourful tail. A sign of superiority and a way to say “Stare as much as you like, I’ll keep on walking as if nobody is watching!” Though I admire women who dare make such a statement, I’m not one of them. Actually most Greeks are like me. Walk around any big city of Greece in winter and you will soon realise that  hats are almost nowhere to be seen. Though the Greek blazing summer sun forces us to wear hats, we rarely wear them in winter. One thing big cities on our spot of the planet surely lack is bolder looks and colour. One would think that our Mediterranean temperament would cater to looks with a stylish twist but it seems this is not the case. 

When I came across the FW14/15 collection of Blanc Hats, you can imagine my delight! Blanc Hats are exactly what I was looking for! A collection of handmade hats with strong geometry and pure elegance. Hats that stand on that very edge of minimalism where fashion meets art. The works of Konstantinia Vafeiadou will sit on your head as if resting. Blanc Hats will draw attention but in a most silent way. Not shouting but definitely making you feel unique by elegantly adorning your looks! Made of sheepskin, napppa leather, cotton or a combination of them they come in textures that are soft and feel like a hug. 
Do you like them as much as I do?

greek fashion blanc hats


photographer – Ioanna Chatziandreou
make up – Liz Bumgarner
model – Anastasia B. (D-models)
clothes – Parthenis