We are playing a “word game” with the Greek Fashion Designer Chara Lebessi through which she is writing on La Grèce J’aime! about her inspiration!
Her creations are  not only selected by Greek artists and celebrities but by international stars as well.  The Italian singer/song writer/dancer Ingrid Alberini chose her creations in order to wear them for her concerts in Europe and Russia and the Executive Director of Doha Film Institute Amanda Palmer chose a Black Tie Gown from her collection for her appearance at the Red Carpet at the 69th Venice International Film Festival. We have thus decided to give Chara Lebessi some words and let her write this article in her very own creative way.

Chara Lebessi: “When creating a collection I find inspiration in architecture, painting, music or cinema.  New materials and textiles in unconventional textures always intrigue my imagination. I think that a designer needs to constantly evolve and have their own identity that makes their work stand out.

Clothing and the way we wear it is a means of expression, so being well-groomed is essential.  I say “no” to exaggeration and my motto is less is more.  As far as somebody’s personality is concerned I value positive thinking, confidence and kindness.  The combination of all of the above is what defines style.

greek designer chara lebessigreek designer chara lebessi

The Seaweed dress made of tulle and natural seaweed presented during the Trash Art exhibition

I design my clothes for modern dynamic women.  Their ability to confront fast city life is impressive to me and it is what highlights their strength, femininity, uniqueness and delicate nature.


The Ice Grey silk crepe gown with ruffles that was chosen by Amanda Palmer-Executive Director of Doha Films
Institute-for her appearance at the Red Carpet at the 69th Venice International Film Festival

When creating a collection, design, structure, luxurious sensuous fabrics and high quality tailoring are equally important to me.  I need to constantly evolve and create collections in new forms and lines using rare materials and fabrics with handmade details.  Using moulaze on a woman’s body I emphasize her body revealing what needs to be revealed and thus making the cloth fit perfectly for a unique appearance.


The Black Lace leather dress that was chosen by Ingrid Alberini for her concerts in Europe and Russia

My collections are characterized as purely elegant and timeless with a touch of controversy. My SS13 collection consists of clothing that stresses the female figure and nature.  There are dresses and wedding gowns made of silk crepes and raw organza, silk chiffon lace and silk cotton giving out discrete luxury, style and sensuality.



Ingrid Alberini in the Black lace leather dress

What I love about Greece is its long history and physical place on the world map which is to me sun, light and brightness.

During hard times and recession we need to be serious, persistent and optimistic.  My optimism derives from nature, music and travelling.

New materials and fabrics together with evolution is what I long for in the future.  I have a strong need to constantly evolve working on my forms and lines so as to be able to produce collections that offer new ideas, structures, materials and fabrics.  As an independent designer I prefer taking small steps and evolving my brand.”

Atelier: 1 Iakinthon Str, 174 56 Alimos, Athens
email: haralebessi@yahoo.gr
Facebook page: Chara Lebessi