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Femmina Fashion Trade Show is the only fashion trade fair held in Greece and its goals are to promote Greek Fashion Brands and present New Designers and Creators.  It goes without saying then that La Grèce J’aime that aims in collecting all creative aspects of Greek fashion under its roof would be there to take a look at what the future holds for fashion made in Greece.

The fair was held from 20th to 23rd September at the Metropolitan Expo exhibition center and exhibited in two halls three of the most basic categories of fashion related products: footwear, clothing and accessories.  Fashion shows were also held by small fashion brands, established fashion labels and designers.  We also had the chance to see state-of-the-art designs by the Fashion School Athens Fashion Club that presented clothing using wearable technology and fashion school PanSik that exhibited some of its students’ works.

femmina fashion trade show

femmina fashion trade show

We focused on the newest section of the fair “Fresh” where new designers presented in the most creative way their collections for the coming winter.  As Danae Iliopoulou, Fresh Manager told us, “Fresh was first held in Femmina last January and it is the opportunity our company is giving young designers and creators along with brands with modern collections and a youthful spirit to take their first steps into the commercial side of fashion.  During this year’s fair we saw new materials, unique creations, designs beyond ordinary and most of all clothing, shoes and accessories that can have a future in trade and stand side by side to big European fashion brands.  This is after all the reason why Fresh has been successful from its launching.  It’s very important to give young creators a chance to see what retail is like since the Greek market seems to be looking for creators with a different view on fashion.  Thousands of shop owners visited the Femmina Fashion Trade Show and embraced the Fresh section from the very first moment.  Through my work I’ve come to realize that people are turning to Greek products which is not only a trend but also a need due to the circumstances.  After all modern Greek fashion lacks nothing compared to foreign fashion.

Our goal for Fresh is to create short of a means of communication between young creators, the market and fashion professionals. To meet this goal  we all need to believe and support this new section of the Femmina Fashion Trade Show!” See you all again between 24th to 27th January 2014 at the Metropolitan Expo exhibition center!”

So, here are 16 totally Fresh designers and creators we met during the Femmina Fashion Trade Show!  

One of them is going to be featured in our November outfit posts and presented in our column “Young Creators” and one is going to have his/her interview taken for the same column!  Who? It’s all up to you! Vote for your most favourite ones until Friday 11th October by writing his/her name in the comments area!


So, what do you think?  We love all 16 designers!  Vote for your favourite ones to be featured and presented on our November “issue” by writing their name in the comments area!