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The Femmina Fashion Trade Show has become our favourite seasonal routine! The trade exhibition of the Spring/Summer 2014 collections was completed last Monday and we were more than happy to see that the Fresh section is becoming more and more interesting season after season with new young and talented Greek designers creating competitive products no matter how difficult the situation may be around our country! La Grèce J’aime was of course there to see and present to you all those wonderful creators!
Just like in our October article about the Femmina Fashion Trade Show you can cast your votes until Tuesday 18th February for the designer whose work you like the best and give him/her the opportunity to be featured in our next outfit posts!

Thinking of the views we had on the outfit post in which one of the futuristic blouses designed by Asel, Saoule and Eleonora was worn, we very easily come to the conclusion that their clothing line Aseleleonora, although seemingly difficult to wear, has many fans. Inspiring lines and structures for a collection dynamic women, who express their uniqueness through their fashion choices, are going to love.

greek fashion brand aseleleonora

If Sienna Miller had discovered Evas Karakaxidou clothing line Belleville, she wouldn’t have denied her boho self. Rich brocades, airy skirts and shorts for endless strolling around the Aegean islands but above all a clothing line you wear and want to grab your suitcase and travel the world! 

greek fashion brand belleville clothing

Aren’t you fed up with fashion reproducing itself from one season to the next dictating new trends that are no more than old fashions baptized as new? This is what Christos Milonas, designer of ChrisP, must have had in mind when he started designing. Unique clothing unlike any other with one thing in common: innovation combined with high quality. Clothing that is designed and tailored with passion and inspiration in mind for those seeking art in every aspect of their life.

 greek fashion designer chris p

If you could see Marika Poulopoulou the designer of Chrystal, you would immediately understand why her clothing line is so sweet and girlish. Pieces just like the ones we used to dress our dolls with when we were little girls! Lace, polka dots and flowers mingle together in clothes you wear and your day can’t be anything less than a great one!

greek fashion designer chrystal

The British flag is cult. Mottos in French are trendy and our beloved Debby Bournazou, designer of de.bour has decided to turn Greek words into a fashion! Handmade loafers, sandals and shoes of all kind that are “shouting” their origin from the land of eternal sunshines!

greek shoe maker debour

Probably one of the most difficult things to do when you are a Greek designer is to create a collection inspired by ancient Greece without being folklore. Except if you are Nikoleta Ververidou, designer of Dig Athens, who manages to combine ancient Greek elements and icons with urban style. Loose lines and fabrics that are not only designed but also made in Greece. 

greek fashion brand dig athens

Evi Skarvelaki is not a stranger to La Grèce J’aime readers since on our October post about the Femmina Fashion Trade Show you nominated her as the winner and saw her candy-like Evisk bags worn in our outfit posts. This summer Evi is experimenting with new materials combining unique fabrics with cork and leather for bags that can turn even the most boring look into a statement.

greek fashion bags by evisk

Loved Props are made by Xenia Nefeli and the ones wearing them clearly want to play with fashion and experiment with their appearance and style. There is no way you are going to be wearing any Loved Props piece and not turn heads or get looks of admiration. It’s not only the unexpected materials used to make them but their unique and out of the ordinary design.

greek jewellery designer loved props

Greek sandals are worldwide famous and have inspired many international designers. There is no Greek woman without at least one pair in her wardrobe. Most Chic Sandals were created to make us see the ancient Greek sandal under a totally new light since they mix the simplicity of the original design with modern materials and trends! Leopard, trooks and high quality leathers will decorate our sun kissed legs and stroll elegantly around the stone paved paths of Greek islands!

greek fashion sandals by most chic sandals

Disparate materials like cement, rubber and wood that sound rather unsuitable for the production of jewellery are transformed when in the hands of Ioanna Koulouri, designer of Meet the Cat, into exquisite pieces of jewellery that have nothing to fear from those made of more precious materials. Needless to say how much we love them as you have already seen them worn on our outfit posts!

greek jewellery by meet the cat

My Outfit clothing line is the dream of every fashionista! 50s skirts, t-shirts with beautiful mottos, skater dresses and statement accessories make up a collection that needs to be in your wardrobe! I think it’s time you stopped looking for the most fashionable clothes on foreign e-shops. Right?

greek fashion brand my outfit e-outfit

Pavlina is above all an artist expressing untold stories through her beautiful jewellery. Wearing one of her creations you are not simply wearing a piece of jewellery, you are carrying a beautiful story that Pavlina visualized into a high quality object that aims to turn negative energy to a positive one.
Take the ring you see in the photos as an example. It symbolizes the diagram of the Greek crisis from July 2010 to January 2012. Its circular shape is there to give its holder the chance to interpret it any way he/she likes. As Pavlina says “through Pavlina Jewel I am sending what I don’t like away and call what I want next to me.”

greek jewellery by pavlina jewels

Maria Spanou designs the Sofianni jewellery and transforms the most precious of metals into fine creations. Delicate jewellery in light and elegant design.

greek jewellery by sofianni

The fanciful Anagnostopoulos sisters, designers of the Sorelle shoes, seem to have an unlimited talent. Their new shoe collection is made up of unique pieces that will make your legs look gorgeous. High quality leathers and exquisite designs you can’t ignore.

greek fashion shoes by sorelle

Sophia Vayena and her childhood friend Konstantina Kampisopoulou decided to turn their love for arts into fashion and designed the clothing line the Artians for those of us who express themselves through what they are wearing. A collection that can be worn all day long inspired by artists such as Dali, Matisse, Picasso, Mondrian, Lichtenstein, Miro and Warhol in high quality fabrics.

greek fashion brand the artians

We could be writing for hours about Underground Athens! A clothing line with unique patterns especially made for Underground Athens, clear lines that embrace the female figure, an exclusive diffusion line by famous designer Apostolos Mitropoulos and every year the winner of the Best New Designer AXDW Award who Underground reward by producing his/her first commercial line!

greek fashion brand underground athens

Ever since I laid my eyes on the blossomed creations of Paris Valtadoros everything around me looks more beautiful. Flowers, petit carreau, airy whites and bows on high quality fabrics and feminine lines. Honestly? I can’t wait for spring to come to carry that gorgeous bag!

greek fashion designer paris valtadoros

Despina Vandi is a popular Greek singer who in collaboration with the Chip and Chip brand she has created a clothing line that is based on a simple and cozy attitude. Beautiful tunics and easy-to-wear dresses that you will definitely like to pack in your summer suitcase.

despina vandi for chip and chip greek fashion brand

Dimitria Ioannidou, WhiteDlight designer, is the kind of person you want to make your best friend! Her joyful temperament is what makes her creations unique. Her clothing line exuberates happiness and a great sense of humour. Are you feeling down? Just wear one of her t-shirts or kimonos and life is going to turn pink again!

greek fashion designer whitedlight

7 PM
Marina Panagiotoula, designer of the 7PM jewellery, is what you would call the joy of life and her creations surely express that characteristic of hers in the best possible way. Handmade jewellery made of leather, silk and velvet in bright colours for women who feel like girls and make bold fashion selections.

greek fashion jewellery 7pm

In alphabetical order: Asseleleonora, Belleville, Chris P, Chrystal, De.bour, Dig Athens, EviSk bags, Loved Props, Meet the Cat, Most Chic Sandals, My Outfit, Pavlina Jewels, Sofianni, Sorelle, the Artians, Underground, Valtadoros Paris, Vandi Despina, WhiteDlight, 7PM. Who is your favourite and would like to see featured in our next outfit posts? Vote by writing his/her name in the comments area!