“This. This is the key to my happiness,” she said joggling and chiming her Vespa key in front of my face. I forced a doubtful smile and stubborn as she was, didn’t give me any time to express my fears. “Let’s go!” she exclaimed and couldn’t tell whether that was an invitation, a challenge or a threat. We climbed down the Mnisikleous steps and walked to Lysiou Street till the Aerides place where she had earlier parked the vehicle that concentrated in its beauty what she believed the essence of carefree and freedom were. It was now her turn to smile at me almost flamboyantly for the lesson she was about to teach me. She knew I did not like two-wheeled vehicles but also knew I loved her and would follow her everywhere including a ride in the city on her Vespa. She would teach me a lesson so as not to doubt her driving skills anymore. “So what? Was that all?” I thought and returned her smile.

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She knew I loved her. She just didn’t know, I now loved her more. The moment I rode on her Vespa and gently wrapped my hands around her waist, time and worries flew away. Problems, work, bills, my cell phone and obligations all disappeared. There was only the April breeze on my face, Athens’ streets speeding around us like cinema trailers and a feeling of yielding to freedom. “Are you scared?” she asked. I was.

The girl on the Vespa came and left, charming as her Vespa and I was left behind with a taste of freedom. She had the key to happiness on her key ring.

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Original photo by @observer on top.