Nikos Aliagas le dernier regard du Cyclope
“La Grèce J’aime highlights without magnifying the perspective and philosophy of contemporary Greece which lacks nothing from other Western cultures. It reminds me of those early art magazines that you did not only want to read but also show off on your coffee table. In the same way, I don’t just want to click through the different pages of La Grèce J’aime, I want to carry it around and whenever I do so my phone or tablet feel like an invitation to a journey!” Nikos Aliagas, March 2014

Urania Gazelli
“La Grèce J’aime is a team of passionate people who want to promote in the most innovative and unique way Greek Designers and Creators. I like the way this is done through a fresh and distinct perspective with respect for its readers and the people presented. I also love it that ever since you launched the site 7 months ago your material is constantly evolving. I expect a lot from you and have a feeling that you won’t let me down!”Urania Gazelli-March 2014
marie claire
A breath of fresh air. A project that is not put down by the recession. A platform promoting Greek fashion internationally“, Marie Claire Greece-December 2013 

“La Grèce J’aime to me is about the promotion of the artistic side of Greece in the freshest way. Far from tabloids and TV shows!” ,Victoria KyriaKides-December 2013
“It’s an idea still taking its first steps but there’s a whole world of talents and youth behind it. This is what our world should look like, far from our past”, Tasos Pagakis Head of Communications SEE at Ericsson-June 2013