Malvina Karali Illustration

Malvina Karali was born on 3 February 1952 in Piraeus. She was named Maria-Eleni Sakka which she changed to the name we all loved her with, Malvina Karali!

I’ve had a full life. A winter of love. A spring of hope. And a summer of potentials.

Coming from a posh family, Malvina graduated the Arsakeio school and took Governmental, Mathematics and History of Art studies in Paris.  She worked for years as a newspaper journalist, wrote articles for top Greek magazines, was a popular TV presenter and writer of some of our most beloved books. Though she got married twice and had three children, she “left” early at the age of 50.

Malvina was an epic personality. A smart tomboy who never feared words: “When I’m jealous, I become smart. And when I’m smart I destroy everything.” Her most favourite issue was love. And her most favourite subject of study males: “There is only one man, my man and there is no other man that can possibly replace him.” When talking about love, Malvina was leaving her feministic instincts behind: “I’m above everyone and under him”. A restless and innovative spirit, an obsessed thinker: “I do have obsessions but they are no more than harmless ticks on my thoughts.”

What is a journey if not a closer step to the verge of who you are?

Μαλβίνα Κάραλη

Her intriguing eyes and short black hair were a product of deep thinking: “Black hair show masculinity, bravery, honesty and activeness. If black hair became trendy, people would live a better life.”
Thirteen years have gone since her death but even if she is not physically here she still stands as a timeless symbol of women’s independence for Greeks. Malvina continues inspiring freedom of thinking that complies with no stereotypes. Her wide smile show us the way to what is important: “A talented person does everything in an inspiring way. Even if hell is where he will take you, it is still going to be a heavenly hell. Expect nothing good from the untalented ones. Even their paradise is empty”.

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