What is the most challenging goal of every designer if not high quality clothing with a design that won’t fade away as time goes by? With this in mind, Athena Bentila and Roland Wakker decided to make their vision for a more sustainable future in fashion true through their fashion brand MuMu Organic. Inspired by the Greek landscape and the white-washed Cyclades islands they create Ethical organic fashion clothing made of 100% certified organic cotton and natural linen fabrics.  Athena Bentila, founder and designer of MuMu Organic, talks on La Grèce J’aime today about her inspiration and everything that makes MuMu Organic clothing unique.

What inspires your designs for MuMu Organic?

I am mostly inspired by nature, the breathtaking and many-sided Greek landscape and islands. Art is a constant source of inspiration as well; different shapes and colours and how artists visualize their imagination and outlook. Once I have chosen a fabric to use, it also becomes a trigger for my imagination.

greek fashion brand mumu organic dress

Why is MuMu Organic different?

What makes MuMu Organic different is the materials used for our creations. All our designs are exclusively crafted from organic and sustainable fabrics with a commitment to Fair Trade. MuMu Organic brags socially responsible methods of production taking into account the people producing our fabrics and offering job opportunities to Greek locals.
Our aim is to provide high fashion from sustainable materials and to educate consumers about the benefits of organic cotton. By supporting Fair Trade producers and organic farmers, we are helping make the fashion industry more sustainable, moving from throwaway fashions to beautiful, timeless and long-lasting pieces. We also support Fair Trade producers to ensure a safe, healthy, non-abusive, non-discriminatory environment with living wages for textile workers.

greek fashion brand mumu organic dress

How would you define “style” and who is the woman wearing MuMu Organic?

Style is not limited by time and is defined by anything that makes a woman feel comfortable and feminine. A simple but yet classic piece can be more stylish than a modern one.
The woman wearing MuMu Organic is modern and stylish. She is a woman who is powerful and feminine at the same time; a woman with diverse interests who cares about the environment.

greek fashion brand mumu organic harem pants

Are you an optimist?

I consider myself an optimist and believe there are many young people who care a lot both about the future of my country and our planet; people who try to make a difference through offering and fighting for what they believe in. As long as there are people ready to rise their voice and stand up for their beliefs, there is still hope for a better future!

greek fashion brand mumu organic dress

So, do you think that the Greek crisis could possibly offer unexpected opportunities?

I totally believe it could! During harsh times we have to look for ways out and that is when our mind is on finding solutions! A crisis can help us keep away from resting on what we have and keep trying. For some, that may mean leaving the country to find opportunities elsewhere and for others staying in Greece and continue fighting and looking for new, innovative, modern ideas. As far as Greek fashion and jewellery making are concerned, I believe that many designers turn to the international market. International buyers have the chance through this process to get acquainted with and embrace young and talented Greek designers. To my mind, the Greek crisis is a way to make the work of Greek designers better-known to the world.

greek fashion brand mumu organic dress

What are your future plans for MuMu Organic?

I plan on expanding MuMu organic by making my designs available to more boutiques and on line market places both in Greece and internationally. My goal is for MuMu organic to play a significant role in eco-friendly fashion and share my vision for sustainable fashion produced according to fair trade laws of International Trade.

greek fashion brand mumu organic dress

What does La Grèce J’aime  mean to you?

La Grèce J’aime means being able to live in Greece and work on what I love the most; designing beautiful, timeless and long-lasting clothes!

You can view a list of where to buy MuMu Organic here: http://www.mumusyros.gr/stockists.html or shop on line at http://www.mumusyros.gr/e-shop/collections.html.
To find out more about MuMu Organic visit the official site at www.mumusyros.gr, follow on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter or add to your circles on Google+