Ode to WineBut you are more than love,

the fiery kiss,
the heat of fire,
more than the wine of life.
Pablo Neruda, Ode To Wine

You’ve lived. You’ve fallen madly in love. You’re tasting wine served by life itself. You know that the glass in your hands contains all you’ve experienced and all that the future is holding for you.

Lips on the glass rim. The impeccable crystal of your life and its cool fruity taste. The taste of your desires, your journeys, your loves. The exact taste of your first kiss. The exact smell of the air in Santorini last September. The exact sleekness of the silk scarf you bought in Paris.
Ode To Wine

Just a couple of sips from the invaluable liquid were enough to live it all again in just the past few minutes before she was back at her seat. She looks at you. She smiles. Her hand touching yours. Just what you need to forget it all. She is the one giving your wine its taste.

Ode to Wine

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