Just like a fairytale hero lost in a haunted forest a young red-haired boy is searching through his grandparents drawers to find old forgotten “treasures”. When he grows up, he uses his childhood memories to create antique-like jewellery. Ladies and Gentlemen, here comes Paul Sarz!

What is it that makes your creations unique?

I am inspired by sentimental jewellery of the 19th century (jewellery worn to express a particular emotion or relationship: affection for a friend or family member, passion for a lover or spouse, loyalty to a monarch, devotion to a religion, grief for the death of a loved one) I try to reveal one’s feelings and sentiments through my work.  My jewellery is made to be passed down from generation to generation and finally become a heirloom.  My latest collection is called Solomon Eye and it’s characterised by symbols that through time have taken divine or even pagan meanings.  It’s a collection through which one will understand that symbols are powerful only for those who believe in them.
paul sarz

The “Triangle Rings” that can be worn in 2 or 3 letting you create
a new shape (photo by Aggelos Panoskaltsis)

What inspires you?

Music, movies, old jewellery and photographs are my constant inspiration.

What do you define as style?

I think that style is strongly connected to our personality and the way each of us expresses himself stylistically can give others hints of who we are.

Do you believe the motto “Crisis is opportunity”?

I don’t think this motto is true.  To me, each of us should feel creative under any circumstances and rip the results of their efforts.

paul sarz

photo by Christos Zinas

Who wears Paul Sarz?

Well, I don’t think fans of my jewellery are of a particular profile or mentality but they are definitely people who love jewellery.

What are your future plans?

Much more jewellery and why not a new Paul Sarz store!

What does La Grèce J’aime mean to you?

In my opinion, La Grèce J’aime is a creative team of people whose goal is to promote all creative “attempts” being made right now in Greece; the country where I’ve grown up and have always lived in.

Paul Sarz studied jewellery design and worked as an intern for the Small Jewellery Company making jewellery for well-known brands.  You can find his creations in his store at 4 Mavrokordatou Str, Athens or find more information about Paul’s work on his site www.paulsarz.com or his facebok page.