postfolk digital embroidery

What is POSTFOLK and how exactly did it manage to combine our granny’s embroidery with a discoball?
Last week we visited the picturesque seaside village of Nea Kios in Nafplio in order to get a close look at the photo shooting of the Resort S14 collection of the fresh Greek fashion brand BO2 and were surprised to find out that the collection includes pieces that highlight in the most chic way folk motifs of Greek culture. I guess it’s well-known by now to our readers, that we love presenting people who reproduce elements of our country in a creative way and infuse them with a new life and so there was no way we wouldn’t find the person responsible for what we saw. Maria-Olga Vlahou the girl behind the amazing embroidery and digital prints coming from Greek folk art talks to us about the inspiration of the motifs on the summer collection of BO2! An inspiration that perfectly suits the definition of Folc Chic!

Let’s start this interview with basics. What is it exactly that you do?

I think that’s not the easiest question to start with ‘cause I find it’s hard for one to self-define himself. I’m definitely a Designer but I’m also an Art Director since I simply adore creating with brands and fashion. What I do, could be put down to creating stimulus for ones aesthetics and sprinkling those creations with beautiful stories!

postfolk digital embroidery

What triggered the creation of POSTFOLK?

POSTFOLK was a very personal need of expression that had nothing to do with any paid collaboration. Having left the industry of advertising (right at the beginning of the recession) I longed for something that would be “born” by me. I was in let’s say a folk mood while working for the Orestiada Museum and that’s when POSTFOLK started evolving. I wanted to take what was now a museum piece and bring it to everyday life; dislocate it and make it a trend! And that’s when POSTFOLK was born or better took its first breath because just like all ideas it had been in my subconscious for quite long.

Some say that “Crisis also means opportunity”. Do you agree with that?

Honestly talking, I’m not sure this is totally true. It is certainly a reason to try harder and devote yourself to achieving your goals. Greek Fashion needs more help and support from the government. Since it is not given any, Greek Designers constantly have to deal with problems that take away all their energy; energy that could be put to developing our brand if we lived in a more organized country. It’s up to each designer to fight with the difficulties and fortunately Greeks are inventive and resourceful enough to find their way around. One thing that the recession has helped us with, is that it’s changed us and forced us to take away what was superfluous bringing out our more creative side!

What’s the feedback you are getting from abroad on your work?

International press has written about my work. I love what I do and I always talk about it to people I meet on my trips to other countries. People’s reaction to my work is more than positive and that keeps my confidence high.


What do you think is the idea foreigners have about Greek Fashion and local design? Could they be exported and under which circumstances?

I believe that good design, art and fashion talk the same language. If something is good, it always finds the way to travel to its audience. What makes things hard for Greek Designers is that we live in a country that has only recently felt the need to become more extroverted. We are newbies to this thing and with the situation being hard, things are getting a bit complicated and our strides are not as long as they could be. Greek Design that is good is already “travelling” and coming together to find through collaborations and teamwork its place in the international market. We are all very positive and working hard on that direction.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by beautiful stories coming in any possible form whether that is music, a movie, a brand, a place, a picture. There’s inspiration in the myths, the past, fashion, arts, documentaries, aromas, the sea, space, Maison Martin Margiella, Saville, time, love, talented people, ethos, hard work, Aura Soma bottles, people who help us bring out our positive side, wit, politeness, democracy, travelling, my boyfriend, my friends and this list could go on forever. Life is full of surprises and changes, so to put it down to just a few words, I’m inspired by life itself and being able to feel the subtle shades of the world around me.

postfolk digital embroidery

What are your future plans?

I’d love POSTFOLK to break any barriers separating Art from Design and bring them together. I also want to exhibit POSTFOLK art prints and installations in galleries. If I were asked what my motto is, I would say “Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate”! So, with this in mind I plan on POSTFOLK working together with Greek and foreign brands; something that has already started happening as POSTFOLK was “discovered” by the amazing creative team of BO2. A collaboration leading to artistically “framing” the first Resort S14 collection of BO2 called FOLKCEAN CHIC. Chic Folk is a trend and the name of the collection really says it all! My collaboration with BO2 is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me; a Greek brand with an amazing view on fashion and high quality products that believed in POSTFOLK. Thanks to its creative team; Yiannis Kritikopoulos, Creative Director, Tina Athanasakou, Creative Marketing Coordinator and the company’s visionary owner Eleni Margonidou I freely expressed my creativity.
You will soon be seeing the result of this collaboration in Love Boutique & Lollipops stores and selected stores around Greece.
What happened here is that POSTFOLK put the folk part and BO2 worked on surrounding the whole project by highlighting what Greek Chic combined with folk means. I can only thank the whole team for giving me the opportunity to see my work printed, embroidered and ready to be worn by the most stylish people this summer! I hope BO2 travels to all chic summer destinations and their pieces are worn by creative women with a high sense of aesthetics.

postfolk digital embroidery bo2

What we saw at the photo shooting of the Resort S14 “Folcean Chic” collection of BO2 #staytuned Sunshines ☼

What is La Grèce J’aime to you?

La Grèce J’aime is that of light, the sea, Athens, culture, history, creative minds, our cultural heritage, the sky, humour and our ability to get over difficulties with our head and morale kept up high.

You can find out more about POSTFOLK at or follow on Facebook and Twitter.
postfolk digital embroidery