You are 19, going through one of the most difficult phases of your life and instead of sinking into depression you decide to apply the phrase “When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping” to your life as a form of therapy.  Good things however, don’t last forever and neither does money.  What’s the next step then? Creating your own jewellery and turning your passion into a job!

Sofi Moukidou is one more example of a person whose creativity outweighed their vocational training.  She studied Economics but her puppy love for accessories and jewellery turned into true love.   She has been creating her own collections since 2005 and for the past 3 years she has been fully occupied making her own handmade jewellery with an emphasis on statement pieces. Being unconventional and going against the tide, she decided to keep away from official training and continue as a self-taught creator so as not to limit her creativity and inspiration. sofi moukidou jewellery

What’s your inspiration? Inspiration is everywhere, from everyday things like nature’s colours and people on the street to my trips around the world.  New cultures, different styles even materials themselves inspire me.  I just love hunting for “treasures” in the most unexpected places and the originality and hidden story behind every new material triggers my imagination.

What’s the definition of style? Being stylish means trying new trends without forgetting what makes you unique or being afraid to spoil your image. Feeling comfortable with who you are and shining with confidence because of your bright smile.


What is it that makes your jewellery different and what’s your latest collection like? If I could give my latest collection a title, it would be “Gypsy Glam”.  It is a collection inspired by bohemian life with a touch of glam.  You can find Aztec elements and neon colours, Avant Garde geometrical shapes, bright colours and materials of diverse cultures .  It’s a collection that’s meant to take you from India and Africa to Las Vegas with pieces suitable for every woman and occasion because of its multicultural character. A woman wearing my pieces is young, charming, self-confident who is not afraid to experiment with new styles and trends.  She is educated, sociable, with a strong interest in fashion, arts and travelling.  A woman who wants to be loved and admired but above all wants to love herself.

The Chinese say that “Crisis also means opportunity”, do you agree with this saying and if you do what do you think is the opportunity given during recession to Greek fashion? I can’t say I totally agree with that but as far as fashion industry is concerned I think recession has made us both more creative and competitive.  It gave our work the chance to be ‘exhibited’ in new platforms in the local and international market.  It also made  those who believe in themselves and their talent and aren’t easily put off stand out. It’s true however, that recession has brought us closer to each other and gave birth to a feeling of solidarity and an ability to be able to be happy with less.  I also think that love for handmade and unique products has started developing for the Greek buyers as opposed to those of big multinational companies.


What are your future plans? I want to make my small business known to the international market without compromising my work’s originality and character.  I also want to take part in more jewellery exhibitions and start managing time more effectively.

You seem optimistic about the future, where does this optimism come from? Probably from my unlimited love for what I’m doing.  What more could anyone want from making their childhood dream come true? Family and people who have always been there to support me are also a great help.


La Grèce J’aime!  What is it that you love about Greece? Greece is all about green and blue, people who continue hoping, creating and enjoying life.  Warmth, hospitality, history, culture and a bright sun that makes everything look beautiful covering all gloom there may be.  That’s what I love about Greece!

You can purchase Sofi’s jewellery at her Etsy shop or find more information about it on her official Facebook page.