When travelling to Greece or taking your vacations here, you don’t need to carry much.  The weather is so hot and the atmosphere so relaxed, all you need is leave heavy suitcases back home and make it as light as possible. However, we do advise you to carry a suitcase with you that is gonna have enough space for you to fill with beautiful clothing items you are definitely going to find not only in big city centers like Athens and Thessaloniki but on tiny islands and villages as well.
July and August are perfect for some shopping as the sales are on and except looking for big brand names a good idea would be for you to hunt for unique items made by young independent designers.
For those of you who can’t travel to Greece, there is always online shopping and to ease your life – it’s summer after all, isn’t it?- we’ve picked some favourites of ours.  Happy goodies-hunting!

1. daisy skirt with stripes by dent’elle 2. tote bag with olives pattern by mohxa (buy it here)
3. “the lovers” bustier in salty white by karavan 4. “Athena leopard & porfyra” sandals by most chic (buy them here5. “caleidoscopio” beach towel by sun of a beach (buy it here6. “the young bikini” with patterned red tsarouhia shoes by emmanuela swimwear (buy it here) 7. pareos by tepareo 8. wave/dark walnut, zebrawood and maple sunglasses by xylo (buy them here)

So, how do you like my selections?  Do you go shopping while on vacation?