designer of sweetcase irini spinouI stroll around Athens and eye girls that seem to have popped out of the most beautiful fairytales.  Looking closer, I notice that what defines their aetheral look is their accessories and the way they carry them around their adventures in the city.

Scene one:  Monastiraki area.  Raining.  Me sitting at a café.  A fairy-like girl with an updo decorated with an enormous red dotted bow enters the stage.  She carefully removes her raincoat only to reveal a brooch with velvet flowers pinned on her blouse.  I approach her carefully not to break the magic and ask: “Where did you buy those accessories from?” “They are all from Sweetcase“, she answers and beams with enthusiasm. Scene two:  A few days later.  Train Station.  A girl is waiting at the platform.  Judging from her looks she must be waiting for a train to Fairy-land.  She opens her floral clutch to take out her ticket.  I can’t help making a remark: “How beautiful!  Where did you get it from?” “This?”, she asks pointing at her bag.  “It’s Sweetcase by Irini Spinou!” Final Scene: Me in front of my laptop.  I google Sweetcase by Irini Spinou and find myself in Never Never Land! Caramel clutches, blossomed belts, polka dots, bows, hibiscus, fuchsia roses. What could be the chances of Miss Sweetcase Irini Spinou not to be featured in La Grèce J’aime?

Where do you get your inspiration from? I am mostly inspired when travelling, watching a movie or reading a book.  Nature and objects around me are also a stimulus to my creativity.

How would you define “style”?  Being stylish is a way of life and how you see it.  As far as fashion is concerned a woman with good aesthetics defines her style with her personality and the air she exudes.

What is it that makes your creations stand out and what are the main characteristics of your latest collection? What the buyer sees as the final product is the result of detailed research and one of the most distinctive characteristics of my work is the way I mingle together different colours and fabrics.  Every new collection has its own philosophy. “Secret Garden”, which is the name of my S/S13 collection, is inspired by English countryside, the botanical gardens, Alice in Wonderland and wild Greek flowers. I dare say it’s fresh, light and certainly girlish.


Do you agree with the Chinese proverb “Crisis also means opportunity”?  And if it is so,  what’s the opportunity given to Greek fashion? Crisis can bring opportunities but it takes patience and persistence.  I believe that the opportunity that is now given to creators in Greece is that more and more people are becoming interested in our work and appreciate its value. =

What’s the “kind” of woman choosing to wear “Sweetcase”? She is a woman who no matter how old she may be or what style she may have she has a personal deep feel about fashion and dares play with trends and personal styling.


What are your next plans? I want a new showroom really soon! What makes you happy and optimistic? People I love and mostly my young daughter. spinou4 What is it that you love about Greece? La Grèce J’aime is the creative people who dare follow their dreams, the sun, positive thinking, broad smiles and above all poetry found even in the simplest of things.

You can find Sweetcase by Irini Spinou accessories in fashion stores around Greece (see all of them here) or buy on line from her etsy shop.  For more information on her new works you can like the Sweetcase page on Facebook or read Irini’s blog here. All photos used on this article belong to Sweetcase and cannot be used without Sweetcase by Irini Spinou permission or without clearly naming the source.