…a beautiful girl goes by right in front of your eyes, you poke your friend so that he can see her too and you can both be happy. Beauty forces you to keep it alive and keep yourself alive too, a feeling you can’t bear alone, one you need to share with everyone else and the more you share it the more it multiplies.

What happens when no one is around to share the beauty you experience with? How can you share the gold and promising colours and their reflections on the sea? How can you share the whistling of a boat’s horn, the highlights of a wine glass on her lips, the swish of a red dress on a girl’s limbs, the smile of a man with wrinkled hands, the forlorn Zeibekiko of Yiannis? How can one share Apostolis or Kostas themselves, friends long gone or those coming, Djoko’s long hair, Anna’s still eyes, your love for Nia? How can you share the firm gliding of two seagulls?

Beauty has to be conveyed but it isn’t and that’s our burden. You CLICK and if you capture it, negative becomes positive. The double, triple or multiple view of photography makes our world two, three or multiple times beautiful, the whole world becomes your friend and you can shout out: Life is worth it! A photographer’s “job” is a lonely one but if he doesn’t love the world around him and doesn’t want to share it with the rest of us then it doesn’t matter how much he achieves, his world is a lost world “Why shouldn’t art be pretty? There are enough unpleasant things in the world.”Pierre-Auguste Renoir

What a strange feeling it is to love the world and be going yourself in it “on that exact moment a big ship, in full lights, roaring engines and vivacious young voices entered the harbour, it lowered its anchor, clunk clunk, chains, cables, boats, porters, swearing, gurgling laughter, sailors jumping on shore” -Yiannis Ritsos

Should photography be no less than a loud, infectious mass laugh? A question I have yet to answer. The rest of what we call photography-art, technicalities, focus, angles, conscious, unconscious, are “a fart covered in exotic aromas, for no other reason but to make our presence felt” -K. Rokos


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