greek actress tzeni karezi la grece j'aime illustration

Tzeni Karezi is one of those people I refuse to write about using past tenses!
To me she will always be an “eternal Miss” with cat-like eyes and a distinct trembling voice that are there just to mislead you into thinking that all Tzeni has ever been is a delicate mincing girl. In reality that’s just a misconception as what lies behind this picture is the power and determination of a fighter.
As she said in one of her interviews, “I looked like a glam lady, a cunning woman and a naughty girl all at the same time…I was definitely a beautiful girl but never acted like one. I just winked and those who could get the message simply got it.”


greek actress tzeni karezi la grece j'aime


What I liked about her acting was her ease to go from one end to the other in a way that was absolutely convincing. From comedy to drama and back again she put the exact same passion whether dancing Greek Hasapiko or Walzh!

As a cancer sufferer, she greatly admired the new branch of medical science for cancer pain relief/palliative care, and the work of the specialized doctors who helped relieve her pain. As a result she asked those close to her, to make it widely known and assist the development of this branch, so that other fellow sufferers could be freed from the agony of cancer and be able to live through their last days with dignity. After her death, her wish materialized and her family founded the Tzeni Karezi Foundation, for those who suffer from cancer. Find out more about the Tzeni Karezi Foundation here: