Many girls spend their childhood sewing clothes for their dolls and even more decide in their teens to stand out by not wearing what everyone else is. How many of them however, end up being the designers of the most ethereal pieces of clothing with their own couture house in the heart of Athens and an atelier in New York City? Before you answer ‘None’ think again because I know one and her name is Victoria Kyriakides.
Having graduated from the Greek National College of Music it’s no wonder her designs exuberate pure harmony with an architectural feel. Victoria has established her brand and become known for designing with clean lines following a minimalist approach, all while finding her own unique way of showing the beauty of the female figure through innovative forms and exquisite aesthetics. In this interview, Victoria Kyriakides talks on La Grèce J’aime about her inspiration and gives us a glimpse of what’s behind her airy wedding gowns and unique low back drape dresses that give Grecian Style a new meaning.

Where does your inspiration come from?
I am inspired by nature; in all of it’s forms. Good documentary films are a forever source of creativity. Nonetheless, exploring is what enthralls me the most. Dusty turquoise and white are my all time favourite colours.

What is it that differentiates your works and what makes your latest collection unique?
I believe it is an ongoing process of my personal fulfillment through designing my next form and line. It’s the result of constant testing, rehearsing, draping and exploration of different unique materials from all over the world. Emphasis on detail is the main ingredient of the VKK-Victoria KyriaKides Brand.

SS14 Collection by VKK-Victoria KyriaKides

How do you share your time between Athens and New York and why did you choose the USA?
Last October I opened my atelier in NY in the heart of Manhattan so I share my time depending on my needs. New York has been a dream of mine ever since I started designing. My evolution there was always at the back of my mind but wanted it to happen at the right time. It came as a natural step after the successful presentation of my Fashion House last year in London.

[pullquote]I hear the heartbeat of my beloveds’ soul. I feel the need for extroversion, of being treated and treating others in a noble way and do not like it when this does not happen. I taste simple everyday things. I smell nature after rain and feel like a kid. I see as far away as possible…  [/pullquote]

How easy do you think it is for a Greek fashion designer to compete foreign fashion houses?  Is there such a thing as Greek fashion for the international market?
I think Greek fashion is on the international map when it remains earnest and consistent. Greek designers need to be persistent with a very clear uninfluenced designing mind in order to compete with foreign designers. What is yours will be appreciated, what is no more than a reproduction or copy will be criticized. It may not be the norm anymore but there have always been and will always be people producing original ideas. That’s exactly what is highly appreciated and takes a designer to the front of the international market.

How do they see the Greek fashion designer Victoria Kyriakides abroad and what are the challenges you come across there?
I was honored to be featured among the five new European Designers who have successfully invaded the American Market in a recent article about New York Bridal Fashion Week in the renowned magazine The Daily Front Row. The title of the article is: “European Invasion” and while the rest of the designers presented in the same article come from countries with a long tradition in fashion like the UK, France and Spain, I believe it is very important that this article is introduced with the Greek flag through my interview!

Greek fashion designer Victoria KyriaKides

Greek Fashion Designer Victoria KyriaKides What is style for you?
Style is the way something is said, expressed or shown combined with quality that seems to be the characteristic of particular people with a vision of their own. Quality and originality of our outlook to life which is expressed in our actions and tastes. A noble way of being…living in style. Waking up every single morning and wearing in the finest way what your mood tells you to wear and not what magazines dictate to you.

“Crisis also means opportunity”, to what extent do you agree with this and what is the opportunity rising for Greek fashion during crisis?
We need to continue moving forward without looking back! The more ahead we are, the quicker we react.  We need to create our own opportunities with an ongoing optimistic attitude. If we quit during these hard times, we will lose ourselves!  We need to continue dreaming and creating, taking small sturdy steps in the most serious way without repeating mistakes of the past such as trying to impress through fashion, impress yourself first!

The VKK-Victoria KyriaKides FW 2014 Bridal Collection presented at New York International Bridal Week

[pullquote]The ones I love are my allies to my dreams.  They have a unique place in my life and are my source of optimism[/pullquote]

What are your plans for the future?
I recently presented my new Fall/Winter 2014 collection through a runway show in New York during the International Bridal Fashion Week.  The way my work was embraced by the American press is unique!  You can’t imagine how happy I feel that two years of hard work by my whole team and my personal focus on my brand’s success internationally have started showing results! My first goal outside of Greece was accomplished last year in London and now this past year I’ve made my mark towards success in New York.  My plans for the future are about my constant development on the international fashion map.

What is La Grèce Jaime for you?
La Grèce J’aime to me is about the promotion of the artistic side of Greece in the freshest way. Far from tabloids and TV shows!

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